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Esthetic mess.

Matrix much? The only excuse is better music.

Ok, we have one guy, with dark glases, a tenchcoat, military style boats, sorrounded by POORLY trained soldiers, wow! How is he EVER going to escape? Wait, what's that he's holding? He dices them stylishly with a SAMURAI SWORD?! That's right, not his fists, not an object off the street, no sir, nothing pedestrian or the matrix; we're using a whole new dimension here!

I can tell you listened to the songs and thought, "Damn, I'm thinking up so many awesome things here, he flies around dicing soldiers, and in the end, he dies by breathing the air. Undefined heros/villians never die like that!"

Anyways, interesting little splay into graphics.

Nice one.

Despite some inaccuracies (Carries get their own fleets, not go out on their own), (Jets have radar that picks up both ground and air targets, as does the carrier fleet, who can pick out targets before they even leave the ground), (If the fuel chamber was punctured, the fuel would leak out, the combustion engine would ignite the fuel and the plane would explode midair).

The whole experience reminded me of Jane's F/A 18, which is a pretty awesome game.

LogFish responds:

Oh yea I've played that game, clearly a long time ago because I don't know jack about what I was animating - as you pointed out hehe. You're the first to point out the single carrier thing, I didn't know that, so thanks for that. Cheers for the review!


It's not the best thing in the world, but you're getting some skill in this and it actually made me chuckle.

Anxious to see what's next from you.

peyoteclock responds:

thanks doggy!

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Only one quip

The artwork is superb and the voice acting is phenomenal, the challenges are well thought out and the currency system is unique to the game, the twists are endless without becoming redundant and the story is rich in detail. The world you designed reflects the harshest of the deserts, the calmest of villages and the ruthlessness of decrepit castles.

However, you need to develop some element of interactivity, maybe, if you let the user press space when something happens.


I can't get past level 2


I didn't know what to think, I thought this was just going to be any old other flash, but when the investigation started, ten minutes in I was writing down notes, you must like crime scene investigations. The music was fitting, the voice acting was flawless, just a few audio glitches, and some repetitive annoyances, but overall, I was drawn in immediately, I can't wait for more.

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Staring into a particular abyss...

I have a fondness for this particular sound after the beginning casm fades away, which I can tell is an authentic sample, because once the first pad starts kicking in, I had a flashback to 80s movies, where they have ambience like this post-character-trauma, the montages they show of a character's disbelief of an event, but moving ahead. Very good manipulations at work here. Haunting, eerie, but not overly so, there is a kind of reassurance in the background, like angels singing out notes.

John Cage would be pleased.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I made everything from scratch actually. It isn't a sample, I recorded it on an airplane :D

John Cage wow

Awww so kewt

Didn't expect this from you.

Surprisingly fresh melody, sounds nursery rhyme without being cheesy.

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Given the vast variety of music I tend to write, I'm surprised anyone can ever expect anything in particular... Although I guess no matter what I write, it always tends to be a more melancholy or dark mood.

But I'm glad you liked it.

Klingy Kingy

'Been a while. At the beginning of the year I had been checking out your site and slowly listening to the streams of beautiful isolation, I can hear the sigur ros/Jonsi & Alex/Post rock thing going on, but your own brand, I think with every ambient production you make, you add an extra touch and are defining and redefining your own style, no aforementioned band hits the same emotive high as well as you do, once the vocals hit you get straight to the point. Haunting afterglow, massive fills. Definitely agree with the Pink Floyd vocals after 2:00, but I wouldn't call it "Pink Floyd".

Anyhow, keep on keepin on KB.

Kingbastard responds:

Hello there! Thanks for the kind words man, much appreciated, hope all's good with you;)

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