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Esthetic mess.

Matrix much? The only excuse is better music.

Ok, we have one guy, with dark glases, a tenchcoat, military style boats, sorrounded by POORLY trained soldiers, wow! How is he EVER going to escape? Wait, what's that he's holding? He dices them stylishly with a SAMURAI SWORD?! That's right, not his fists, not an object off the street, no sir, nothing pedestrian or the matrix; we're using a whole new dimension here!

I can tell you listened to the songs and thought, "Damn, I'm thinking up so many awesome things here, he flies around dicing soldiers, and in the end, he dies by breathing the air. Undefined heros/villians never die like that!"

Anyways, interesting little splay into graphics.

Nice one.

Despite some inaccuracies (Carries get their own fleets, not go out on their own), (Jets have radar that picks up both ground and air targets, as does the carrier fleet, who can pick out targets before they even leave the ground), (If the fuel chamber was punctured, the fuel would leak out, the combustion engine would ignite the fuel and the plane would explode midair).

The whole experience reminded me of Jane's F/A 18, which is a pretty awesome game.

LogFish responds:

Oh yea I've played that game, clearly a long time ago because I don't know jack about what I was animating - as you pointed out hehe. You're the first to point out the single carrier thing, I didn't know that, so thanks for that. Cheers for the review!


It's not the best thing in the world, but you're getting some skill in this and it actually made me chuckle.

Anxious to see what's next from you.

peyoteclock responds:

thanks doggy!


This has been done before, if you want to get a good motion capture you'll have to seriously work on your tracing jobs and get some music you can hear.

Good luck though.

Basking-Shark responds:

thnx for the review


... DAMN you see those mad skillz? Hah, I think anyone who critizes this flash is in irony. It's definitely Aqua Teen influenced, I liked it. Can't wait for more.

Amusing, and Awesome.

Day after day the cloud turns into a regular and unhappy form, so his friend helps transform him into something else to benefit the both of them.

Music was good and helped it flow along, it was also animated just right and added to the amusement.

Awesome work.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

You make alot of good music, you do.


Did not see that one coming, good music choice, not necessarily my thing, I make my own music, but I saw Mr Scruff and I think anything he can pull together is pretty top notch, I'll have to check the album out.

Good luck.

Slick responds:

Thanks, It's great to know you like the movie!


Haha, I caught the Tenenbaums reference, awesome stuff, great tastes, good humor, I've seen and watched your stuff from the beginning and it only gets better.

Sanimations responds:

Hey, I know you.

Best thing ever made?

This is like adult swim quality stuff, at first I was like... Eh..

Then, boom, ham man > everything.

Very very disagreeable.

This is an extremely old chestnut, especially of those old existential questions; which are very rash and overly exagerrated, "bad things happen, where is god?", "God is everything" does not necessarily answer the question.

I found this to be useless, it is common knowledge, it is not controversial, and the presentation was fairly mediocre.

Fine job though, can't wait to see more in the future.

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